The PM (or Keith Percival) is the unseen Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from Series 1 to the Specials. He is a member of the Labour Party and a parody of Tony Blair. He is succeeded by Tom Davis



The PM is married and has one son. He is mentioned to have tried to get a chief examiner sacked after his son failed an exam retake. The PM's wife is also known not to like Hugh Abbot.


Having served as Prime Minister long before the events of Series 1, he is obsessed with leaving a legacy. He is also good personal friends with Julius Nicholson, a former business guru who he appoints as a special adviser.

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The Rise of the NuttersEdit

As a result of Malcolm Tucker's sabotage of the the legacy program announcement, he surprisingly resigns (months before the officially planned departure date) whilst getting off a plane in Sunderland. This comes as a shock to everyone, including Malcolm Tucker, Julius Nicholson and Jamie McDonald. During his resignation, he announces that he intends to act as a "caretaker" in office for a further month, and will step down fully when a new party leader (presumably his current Chancellor, Tom Davis) is elected.