The Department of Social Affairs and Citizenship, often abbreviated to DoSAC, is a department in Her Majesty's Government in which the majority of the show is set in. It was previously named the Department of Social Affairs or DoSA.


With the addition of "and Citizenship" to the title, the department essentially becomes a "super department" dealing with many cases that other more important offices don't want to be burdened with. Throughout the series this has included matters involving: immigration, citizenship, data from the previous years and social cases.


The senior head of the department is the Secretary of State for Social Affairs and Citizenship, previously just the Secretary of State for Social Affairs. The junior head of the department is the Minister of State for Social Affairs and Citizenship. The rest of the staff comprises of various civilian advisers, and regular staff from the Civil Service.





In Series 1, the department is located in a smaller building designed exclusively for its use. However, after the reshuffle and renaming of the department in Series 2, it is relocated to larger, more modern offices, which it shares with other government departments.