"I use leaking to show up corruption, to show up hypocrisy, to show up idiocy and also the fourth horseman of the political apocalypse duplicity."
―Malcolm Tucker[src]

Malcolm Tucker is the former Director of Communications for the Opposition and the Media Adviser to the Leader of the Opposition. From Series 1 to 3 he worked as both the Chief Election Strategist and Director of Communications for Number 10, where he acted as the party's chief enforcer. He is a member of the Labour Party.

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Tucker was born in Scotland. It is implied by Peter Mannion that he grew up in the Gorbals area of south Glasgow. Little is known about his personal life, although it is implied he is a self made man of humble origins. In the Specials he mentions he has a young niece, suggesting he has at least one sibling. It is subtly implied in Series 3 that he is particularly close to his niece as he has many children's drawings and paintings pinned up in his office. During a rant in front of Ollie in series 4, and speaking of himself in the third person, he explicitly states that he has no children (nor friends for that matter), and in series 3 he is shown spending his 50th birthday alone in his office. However, at other times, there are hints that he has a family - he wears a wedding ring (however, this is more likely to be Peter Capaldi's wedding ring, which he refuses to take off), and when being pursued by photographers after his forced resignation, a young boy is briefly seen looking out of the window of Tucker's home.

The reasons for his deep personal animosity towards journalist Simon Hewitt, mostly left open to speculation in the final cut, are explained to Ollie by Terri in one of the deleted scenes: Hewitt's current girlfriend, BBC health correspondent Kelly Grogan, had been Tucker's girlfriend until about three months earlier.

He is a firm believer in meritocracy and a staunch opponent of classism and cronyism. Accordingly, his demeanour towards working-class characters or anyone deemed a social inferior is sincerely empathetic, gentlemanly and devoid of condescension.

Professional[edit | edit source]

He is the aggressive, profane and feared Director of Communications for the Government. He serves two main roles: acting as the Prime Minister's enforcer to ensure the cabinet ministers all follow the party line, and managing the government's crisis management PR- usually in the form of spin. He regularly uses smears or threats of violence to achieve his ends and is openly contemptuous of anyone who exhibits incompetence or makes mistakes of the "they should know better" variety.

In stark contrast, his working relationship with his personal assistant, Sam Cassidy, is shown to be cordial and friendly, with Tucker holding her in high regard.

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Following attempts to capitalise on a controversial DoSAC policy leading to the death of a mentally-unstable nurse, Douglas Tickel and an inquiry into rampant government leaking, he was prosecuted for illegal acquisition of Tickel's NHS records and perjury during the Goolding inquiry, which resulted in the end of his political career and his final downfall.

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