The Leader of Her Majesty's Most Loyal Opposition (more commonly known as the Leader of the Opposition) is the politician who leads the largest party not within the government of the United Kingdom.

They lead an official opposition Shadow Cabinet, which scrutinises the actions of the Cabinet led by the Prime Minister, as well as offer alternative policies.

List of Leaders of the Opposition in the Series[edit | edit source]

Name Political Party Overview of Leadership Series
Dan Miller Labour In Series 1 it is thought he will mount a leadership bid against the PM, but instead supports Tom Davis. Narrowly loses the later leadership bid to Nicola Murray on a technicality, but in Series 4 with the help of Malcolm Tucker forces her resignation and ascends to the position of leader. Series 4 (Incumbent)
Nicola Murray Labour Wins the leadership contest on a technicality, with the preferred favourite Dan Miller becoming her deputy. When the party grows tired and concerned with her leadership, Malcolm Tucker and Ollie Reeder orchestrate a situation in which she is forced to resign. Series 4
JB Conservative As leader, he appoints Peter Mannion as Shadow Secretary of State to DoSAC as retribution for challenging him in the contest. Specials - Series 3
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