Jim Lane MP was a former Member of Parliament for the Leamington Spa constituency. He was a member of the Labour Party.



He had one daughter, who attempted to stand as an Inependent candidate to fill his place in the by-election. It is implied he causally knew Nicola Murray in a professional capacity.


Lane served as a Member of Parliament for Leamington Spa until his death.

Series 3Edit

Episode 1Edit

Lane died prior to the events of Series 3, resulting in a by-election being held in his constituency of Leamington Spa. Malcolm Tucker and the rest of the government under Prime Minister Tom Davis plan to have Liam Bentley take his place, and support his candidacy in the resulting by-election.

This is thrown into disarray however when Lanes daughter decides to run as an independent candidate to try and take her fathers seat. This angers Tucker, who compares such a move to Tsarist Russia. In response, he decides to double down on their support of Bentley, sending high ranking members of the party including Tom Davis to a campaign event.