"Ah! The Crossest man in Scotland"
Simon Foster
"Oh don't tell me he's gone feral! He was fucking terrifying when you had him on the leash!"
Oliver Reeder

Jamie McDonald is a Senior Press Officer at Number 10, Downing Street during the administration of the Prime Minister who preceded Tom Davis.



Jamie was born in Motherwell, Scotland and thus speaks with a heavy Lanarkshire accent. He is a major fan of American entertainer Al Jolson, threatening Ollie Reeder after he insults the formers music.


He is introduced as a Senior Press Officer at Number 10, and the closest thing Malcolm Tucker has to a second in command. His demeanour and attitude is even more aggressive and profane, however much like Malcolm he is shown to have a legitimately polite and gentlemanly decorum to those not involved in the political sphere.

Series 2Edit


HBehind the scenesEdit

Jamie McDonald is played by Paul Higgins in both The Thick of It and In the Loop.


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