The Director of Communications for Number 10, Downing Street is the most senior ranking member of the communications staff, reporting directly to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

List of Communications Directors for Number 10:Edit

Name Political Party Overview of Tenure Series
Mary Drake Conservative Takes over from Stewart Pearson after Prime Minister JB decides that actions are needed more than thoughts. Previously worked at the Home Office. Series 4 (Incumbent)
Stewart Pearson Conservative Worked as Director of Communications for the Conservative Party whilst they were in opposition, and retained the position when they were elected into power. His eco-friendly, media-savvy, new-school approach is heavily disliked by Peter Mannion. Series 4
Malcolm Tucker Labour Series 1-3
Steve Fleming Labour The former Chief Whip and longtime enemy of Tucker, Fleming forces Malcolms resignation over an attempt to fix a crime statistics inquiry and takes over his role. However, Malcolm's machinations eventually lead to Julius Nicholson clearing him of wrongdoing in the crime statistics inquiry, while blaming it all on Fleming, forcing him to resign after less than a week in office. We last hear that he has attempted to join Dan Miller's cabal Series 3